PieFed privacy: control your search visibility

By default, all posts show up in search results on , and . But in a first for the threadverse, PieFed has just added some privacy features that Mastodon had for a long time – being searchable is now optional!

Un-tick the “My posts appear in search results” checkbox in your settings and not only will your posts be hidden from the PieFed search on your instance, but on all other PieFed instances too (yes, it federates, but only to PieFed instances).

But wait, there’s more. Google will not add your profile or any of your posts to it’s index (because of the <meta name=”robots” content=”noindex”> tag used when rendering your posts) AND comments you made on other people’s posts won’t be indexed by Google either (because of the <!–googleoff: all–> tag).

So if you’re tired of living in a fishbowl, want a bit of privacy or would rather people can’t follow you around, PieFed is here for you.


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