Demo: https://piefed.social Matrix chat: https://matrix.to/#/#piefed-community:matrix.org

An introduction to the PieFed codebase

Very often when encountering an open source codebase you are left on your own to figure it out. Documentation is often limited to installation / compilation instructions. With the following video I am trying to ease the onboarding process for…

Matrix chatroom for #PieFed

The PieFed chatroom can be used to discuss ideas, fix server issues or shoot the breeze. Also check out the ActivityPub Community on Matrix, for discussions about other fediverse software.

Beta test update

The last 5 days have been very busy, as expected. Things always get intense for a while when other people start using new software out there in the real world. The main purpose of this phase is to fix problems…

PieFed begins beta test

is running, please make an account and give it a try! There will be bugs, probably many bugs. When you see one, please reply to the welcome email you received, with info about it, or report it in the…