Welcome to a new era of interconnected content discussion with PieFed – a link aggregator, a forum, a hub of social interaction and information, built for the fediverse. Our focus is on individual control, safety, and decentralised power. 

Like other platforms in the fediverse, we are a self-governed space for social link aggregation and conversation. We operate without the influence of corporate entities – ensuring that your experience is free of advertisements, invasive tracking, or secret algorithms. On our platform, content is grouped into communities, allowing you to engage with topics of interest and disregard the irrelevant ones. We utilise a voting system to highlight the best content. 

For developers: code repository & video introduction the codebase.

Built For You 

Your home feed is a reflection of your interests, not a billboard for corporate agendas. We champion a novel approach to social media, one that empowers people. You curate your timeline, free from manipulative algorithms or distracting ads. 

We provide a unique opportunity to cultivate your audience, unhindered by intermediaries. Deploy PieFed on your infrastructure and experience the freedom of interaction across the federated network, all under your control. Each server creates their own rules while other servers may have other rules that operate differently. Join a server with rules that align with your values or create your own. 

The Software 

As a part of the decentralised network of the fediverse, each server is independent yet capable of interconnecting to form a unified global social network running on the ActivityPub protocol. 

PieFed is built with Python, one of the most widely used programming languages. Care has been taken to construct it in the simplest way possible, enabling contributions from programmers of all skill levels and keeping server costs down. This will greatly speed PieFed’s development process and widen its adoption. 

PieFed is open-source software, under the AGPL License. We encourage the freedom to use, modify, and study our platform, and welcome contributions from the community. 

Join us today and experience a slice of the internet tailored to you. 

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